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The Nesting Place

About an hour and a half from Kannur International Airport situated near Payyanur at Cheemeni, Chilla-The nesting place is a single cottage on pillars within a private land reserve surrounded by a variety of green bamboos that delivers perfect peace and quality quietness.

Chilla-The nesting place is ideal for those looking get away from the clutter of the city to slow down rejuvenate and simply be with your personal preferences like reading, writing, painting, watching movies etc and even relaxing in the Jacuzzi Bathtub.

Chilla-The nesting place not only has the right ambience for rest, relaxation and fun; but it’s a place for your creative works in peace and quiet.

Midland laterite hill ecosystem is the unique feature of Kasaragod district of Kerala. Take the advantage of exploring the plain, valley and hillock laterite midland ecosystem of Kasaragod by riding Chilla bicycles during your stay with us.

Discover laterite midland by Chilla bicycles

Taking a break to the countryside and being among nature can be a great way to ‘clear the head’ in more ways than one. Exposing yourself to clean air with a kickstart in the early morning by Chilla bicycle in the beautiful village roads of the midland laterite hill ecosystem of Kasaragod district, Kerala to discover and enjoy the plain, valley and hillock areas.


Mini library I Chess board I Easel board I Drawing sheets and pencils I Yoga mat I Bicycles with helmet and mobile phone mount I Ironing box I Laundry and dry-cleaning assistance with tumbledry (Turn around time 48 hours)

Eco friendly waste management system

(As per Suchitwa Mission, Govt. of Kerala) Plastic bottle trash bin I Plastic trash bin I Glass bottle thrash bin I e-waste trash bin I Biodegradable composting unit I Chemical container trash bin I e-waste trash bin I Mini incinerator

Kitchen specialities

RO-UV water purifier I Microwave oven I Electric kettle I Egg Boiler I Bread toaster I Refrigerator I Food grade equipments and containers

Riding plans

Chooten Para

Chooten Para

Pallams are natural depressions, table-top bowls that occur on laterite hillocks. They are commonly found in the midlands of Kasargod and Kannur districts in the State. Locally, they are called by different names. In Kannur, they are called parakulams or rock ponds. Many of these depressions become reservoirs, some storing water for up to eight months or even until the next rains. Anyone can enjoy and explore the beautiful Pallam at Chooten Para by a ride of just 5.7 km on a plain laterite road from Chilla- The nesting place.

Soolapu Kavu

Soolapu Kavu

Kavu is the traditional name given for sacred groves across the Malabar Coast in Kerala, South India. Kavus are notable for Theyyam, the centuries-old ritual dance. By a ride of just 5.2 km on a plain laterite road from Chilla- The nesting place, we can visit Soolapu Kaavu. Soolapu Kavu became a part of literature in the short story ‘Randu Malsyangal’ written by Ambikasudhan Mangad. It is the story of two fishes embarking on a journey from Kavvai lake to Soolapu Kavu to lay their eggs. Along the journey, they encounter new challenges posed by environmental issues by the present time

Ayyappan Kavu

Ayyappan Kavu

Kummatty is a 1979 Malayalam film written and directed by G. Aravindan. The film opens with the sun rising from the mountains, depicting the beauty of a hamlet's brownish-green landscape and fresh skies as a man sings in the background. You can enjoy the real location of Kummatty in Ayyapan Kavu, Cheemeni, by a ride of just 3.8 km on a plain laterite road from Chilla- The nesting place.

Cheemeni Mundya

Cheemeni Mundya

Famous as the Guruvayur of North Kerala, the Cheemeni Sree Vishnumoorthi Temple, also known as Cheemeni Mundya, is a temple that is 200 years old. The main deities worshipped here are Lord Vishnu, in the form of Vishhari, and Goddess Sri Raktha Chamundi. Cheemeni Mundya is a unique temple among the Theyyam temples, where the deities are not in the form of idols. The temple is at a distance of a 3.1 km ride from Chilla- The nesting place.

Kayyur Smarakam

Kayyur Smarakam

The Kayyur incident, also known as the Kayyur uprising or Kayyur Revolt, is a series of incidents that occurred in Kayyur village of present-day Kasaragod district during British rule in India. The peaceful farmers' protest on March 28, 1941, turned violent, and the mob accidentally killed a policeman. Sixty-one were tried for this violent deed, and four persons were sentenced to death. In honor of those brave men, red monuments have been set up in the area. The Kayyur monument (Smarakam) is 7.2 km away from Chilla- The nesting place.

Kayyur Kayaking Park

Kayyur Kayaking Park

Affordable boating and kayaking facilities are available in the well-maintained Kayyur Kayaking Park at Palayi shutter cum bridge within the beautiful natural ambiance and cool river breeze. The park’s commitment to safety, coupled with its diverse attractions, positions it as a go-to destination for those seeking a memorable and affordable leisure experience in north Malabar. Kayyur Kayaking Park is 8.00 km away from Chilla- The nesting place.

Kayyur Sthambam

Kayyur Sthambam

Meenamasathile Sooryan is a 1986 Indian Malayalam-language film directed by Lenin Rajendran and produced by C. G. Bhaskaran. The movie is based on the famous 1941 Kayyur Revolt in Kasargod district against the landlords and British Police. Daivathinte Vikrithikal is a 1992 Indian Malayalam-language drama film directed by Lenin Rajendran, who also co-wrote the screenplay with M. Mukundan, based on Mukundan's novel of the same name. You can enjoy the real locations of both movies with just a 2.5 km ride on a plain laterite road from Chilla- The nesting place.

Open Prison

Open Prison

Open Prisons & Correctional Homes are facilities without walls, characterized by minimum security. Well-behaved convicted prisoners who exhibit a sense of self-discipline and social responsibility are selected for admission to such institutions. There are 2 Open Prisons & Correctional Homes for male prisoners located at Nettukaltheri, Thiruvananthapuram, and Cheemeni, Kasargod. Cheemeni Open Prison is accessible within a distance of 8.00 km from Chilla- The nesting place. It hosts various production units such as Freedom Food Factory, Cafeteria, Petrol pump, Aquaponics, etc.

Bedur Forest

Bedur Forest

The reserve forest, which spans more than 900 acres mostly in West Eleri Panchayath of Parappa block in Kasaragod district, remains a safe habitat for peacocks, deer, boars, monkeys, and a wide variety of other flora and fauna. The link road from Cheemeni to Kamballur passes through the middle of the forest. The thundering waterfalls, plummeting in all their brilliance inside the Bedur forest, make for a magnificent sight and an ideal vacation spot. The destination is just 18.9 km away from Chilla-The nesting place..

Nearby Places To Visit

Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort is a medieval fort built by Shivappa Nayaka of Keladi in 1650 AD, at Bekal. It is the largest fort in Kerala, spreading over 40 acres.



Ranipuram is a village and a major tourist attraction in the Kasaragod district of the Indian state of Kerala.


Valiyaparamba Back Waters

Valiyaparamba backwaters is one of the most picturesque backwater boroughs in Kerala.


Palakkayam Thattu

A popular hilltop destination, Palakkayam Thattu offers an amazing view at 3,500ft above sea level.


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